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Electronic wall switch features and market development prospects
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A switch socket that uses a control board and electronic components to achieve circuit continuity. The electronic wall switch has no impact on the load during the starting process, no spark, safe use, many functional features, safe use, and beautiful appearance. The electronic wall switch is easy to install and can directly replace existing wall switches.
At present, there are only a few sound and light control switches, inductive switches, touch switches and the like. Most of these switches are connected to lower power lamp loads. Electronic wall switches such as some remote wall switches, wall switches with high power loads, and time and temperature and humidity control for any load have not been recognized by consumers.
The areas where electronic wall switches have developed rapidly are in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Yueqing, Zhejiang. Among them, Shenzhen and Shanghai are at the forefront of China's consumer fashion, and Yueqing City in Zhejiang is China's low-voltage electrical capital.

Features of the electronic wall switch:
1. Delay function; 2. Dimming function; 3. Remote control function; 4. Timing function; 5. Can be connected to high power load; 6. Temperature and humidity sensing control function.

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