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Switch socket standard time reference measuring instrument and method
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Regardless of the series of system system switches we use, we need to follow our specified standard time when installing and closing the switch. The inherent opening and use time of the switch is closely related to the speed of the switch socket, which directly affects its breaking and Separation performance.
If the switch socket is too long at the same time, the speed will naturally decrease, the arcing time will increase and the switch will break and fall; if the switch is combined for too long, the closing speed will naturally decrease, and the electric power will increase and the switch will be caused. If the time difference between the three phases is too large, the line and the transformer will not be fully phase-cut, resulting in an operating overvoltage that jeopardizes the insulation. Therefore, the intrinsic points are clearly defined in the technical conditions of each J1 dog. Closing time, three-phase synchronism and other time parameters, and as a mandatory test item for each switch.

Therefore, the time parameter of the limited switch is also a critical mechanical property. Switch socket time reference measuring instrument and method:
(1) Measurement of electric stopwatch: The time interval of more than 0.0IS can be measured by the electric stopwatch, and the quick fuse and wall switch of 35kV and below can be measured by the electric stopwatch. Closing time. Different period available display lamp (low-pressure lamps in series each fracture), and then measure the distance difference.

(2) Light oscilloscope measurement; for measurements that need to be accurate to the time of 0.00ISs, the electronic stopwatch cannot be used. Generally, the light is used to switch the switch. The closing time and the three-phase different time difference are recorded and measured. The time parameters of the fast-acting fuses measuring the voltage level of 110KV and above are generally ray oscilloscopes. One minute from the switch socket. Closing can measure the closing time of the switch, the opening time and the different period of the three-phase closing and the different time difference of the opening.

Switch socket travel and super-measurement:
The total stroke of the switch socket. The overtravel (the stroke of the moving contact when the moving and static contact just touches the closing position of the switch) and the distance when the moving and static contact are separated are generally selected on the static contact, and the reference point is measured by the steel ruler. When measuring the overtravel, you can use a light bulb or a multimeter to help determine the just-integrated point. The above parameters are measured by the test data after the switch operation test is qualified. Since the switch has been tested and tested at the factory, it is not necessary to perform all operational tests when the user installs the test.

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