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Choose a wall switch socket to choose a quality brand
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When we came to the electrician accessories market, we saw a lot of wall switch sockets, various brands, various prices ranging from a few yuan to a few hundred dollars, which made us dazzled. This article tells you: When choosing a wall switch socket to choose a brand, you must choose a brand with excellent quality. Brand switch socket manufacturers' products mainly have the following characteristics:
A: Made of high-grade materials such as bulletproof rubber, it has high fire resistance, moisture resistance and impact resistance, and the surface is smooth;
Second: the use of pressure plate type terminal block, which can increase the wire contact area, improve the conductivity, avoid the screw to damage the core wire, and single core, multi-core wire can be used;
Three: The conductive parts of high-quality switch and socket products should be made of phosphor bronze, and the contacts are made of composite silver;
Four: The price of domestic switches and sockets is relatively low, but the quality is not good; the price of imported brands is usually tens of yuan. The joint venture product is a good choice, the quality, function and style are almost the same as the imported products, but the price is only half;
Five: The brand manufacturer's effective commitment, such as "available for 15 years", "guarantee 12 years of life", etc.;
Six: As far as possible to the regular manufacturers designated stores or point of sale to buy, and ask for invoices, in order to ensure that you can enjoy the after-sales service in the future.
Look for brand switches, socket manufacturers to buy, buy at ease, use it with confidence.

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